*thoughts as of late

It is striking that a journey traveled so many times before must, in some sense, be new for each person who travels it. And because each traveler is different, whether in some small detail or in their entire constitution, the travel will never repeat itself exactly. For there is no journey without the journeyer, only a road. Some rush along it. Some take their time. Others travel in caravans and yet others trek it alone. Whether the traveler chooses an efficient and comfortable means of travel or if he/she makes it infinitely more difficult than need be (bringing too much stuff, refusing help, walking backwards barefoot) they are still traveling the same road and are moving towards a common end. They will invariably encounter one another, be it by choice or not, be it on the road or in travel-logs from years past, but they will find each other. Regardless of whether or not they like each other, they will be connected by the journey, that is, by walking on the one ROAD.

After I count every grain of sand, more will have formed and mixed with those of a thousand years. After I count every star in the sky, some will have died and others burst to life and my work will begin again. After I count every reason to love you and weigh every risk of being yours, I will no longer be the same person, and I will have to begin anew. I will, instead, enjoy the dunes, wonder at the night sky, and take you as my Love.

Take away my firm belief and graft my soul to your tree.

God is the God who gives life to the dead and CALLS THINGS THAT ARE NOT AS THOUGH THEY WERE. Romans 4:17

To drink tea with you would be a grand thing. Some people did, Jesus. They sat with you and ate and drank. I would have many questions. Some of them I think you would answer with surprising directness, without thought, knowing that the truth of the matter is of infinitely more value than my feelings, my thoughts, my pride. With other questions, I think you would just look at me, saying nothing, because its my heart that matters above all else.

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2 Responses to *thoughts as of late

  1. Brian Boucher says:

    Emily (and Brian),

    Thanks so much for all you are doing in Nicaragua and for your insightful comments. Reading this makes me want to run to the airport and fly to join you (although it sounds like you are on the homeward end of your trip). Emily, I hope we can get together at some point this fall. Kayla is living with us right now until she can move into the dorms. She is introducing me to some of her LC friends (none more interesting than Andrew the gecko man) and I am excited about their “missional” ministry and just their sheer exuberance for life. Maybe if I stay close some of it will rub off on me.



  2. iijii says:

    not thinking much anymore?

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